Action for Hackney Heritage (2002-04)

A community based project with a variety of outputs aimed at encouraging local people to get involved in recording and conserving their local historical environment.

Action for Hackney Heritage was completed in 2004. It was a two year project aiming to involve local people in the enjoyment, understanding and, most importantly, the active protection of the local built heritage. The project seeks to raise awareness and interest in the borough's rich history and rapidly changing architectural landscape, and to work with local people to protect and enhance Hackney's historic buildings and open spaces.

The project will leave a legacy of skills, knowledge and interest in the local community. It will also leave the significant resources of the photographic survey of listed buildings, explanatory leaflets, conservation area appraisals and the Shoreditch Heritage Study. These outputs will mesh with existing planning policy in the borough, and will help strengthen policies in the future.

The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Shoreditch our Way.

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