Clapton CAAC April 2023

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 20 April 2023


2023/0764 Flat 5, 242 - 244 Evering Road, E5 8AJ Replacement of existing UPVc framed windows with double glazed timber framed windows. Full Planning Permission (Jonathan Bainbridge)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this application.


2023/0486 5 Clapton Passage, E5 8HS Basement extension with front and rear lightwells and associated works. Householder Planning (James Clark)

Clapton CAAC strongly objects to this applicaton under two heads. First in terms of structure, there are no light wells on this side of the Passage and an unfortunate precedent would follow permission in a terrace that is architecturally cohehrent. Practically, the front 'garden' of the house is no wider than a wheelie dustbin turned side on. So narrow a space would not permit sufficient light to enter the basement room. The three windows in the proposed rear excavation will look out onto a similarly narrow space, further darkened by a high wooden fence. Although it is designated 'storage space' on the plan, it could easily be turned into a further living space in the HMO. The second head is the disruption that would be caused by excavation work which would, typically, last several months. Such work would impede a pedestian and cycle footway. Structurally, the houses opposite have cellars stretching under the footway. The lorry and skip deliveries driving down the Passage risk collapse of the cellars. One of the Committee stated that there had been such a collapse some years ago. The applicant has not submitted a D&A Statement to show how these matters might be addressed. There is clear evidence that the owners have little regard for their neighbours. Unauthorised construction work on this property appears to already have had an adverse impact upon neighbouring properties in this narrow passageway, so there is evidence of the disruption which the proposed building work would cause, particularly in the case of excavation of a basement, as the cross section of the existing property shows no evidence that one already exists. CCAAC's reservations about the application have therefore already been borne out in this regard. A complaint lodged with Hackney Council on 8 August 2022 read "This site has had construction (without planning permission) for several months. They have been using the front of the house as a tip for construction waste, now it is overflowing with household garbage which is a health and safety issue. " The resident responsible for the complaint has enclosed photographs which can be seen if you Google "Garbage pile up at front of 5 Clapton Passage". If this evidence of the detrimental impact on neighbouring residents' amenity. Hackney Planning should be aware of the nuisance. From the photograph of the terrace of which 5 Clapton Passage forms a part, it is evident that these cottage-type properties on one side of the Passage form a particularly attractive and coherent part of this historic Victorian enclave and should be protected against inappropriate over-development.


2023/0036 62 Durlston Road, E5 8RR Excavation of basement level below existing ground floor footprint; formation of a rear lightwell Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

CAAC notices that this house has already been considerably extended. The loss of garden space to the light well reduces the open space of the total footprint to below 50%. We object to the loss of green space.


2023/0750 Second Floor Flat, 73 Reighton Road, E5 8SQ Erection of rear dormer; installation of 2x front rooflights Full Planning Permission (Thomas Russell)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this application.


2023/0456 Paradise Park, 142a Lea Bridge Road, E5 9UB Prune back 3 London Plane trees to create a 2 meter gap from the building and cut away any epicormic growth encroaching the pathway. These works are a recommendation from a refused application - application number 2022/1898 Works to Tree with Preservation Order (Eugene McGee)

We note that permission has been granted for this tree-work. We would expect that a condition will have been imposed under the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, section 1 and following the advice of the RSPB that no pruning should take place between the months of March and August.


2023/0295 First To Third Floors, 416 Mare Street, E8 1HP Listed Building consent for the change of use of first, second and third floors from office (Class E) to visitor accommodation (Class C1), including alterations to the windows. Listed Building Consent (Catherine Nichol)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this aplication - though we hope that adequate soundproofing will have been specified.


2023/0294 First To Third Floors, 416 Mare Street, E8 1HP Change of use of first, second and third floors from office (Class E) to visitor accommodation (Class C1), including alterations to the windows. Full Planning Permission (Catherine Nichol)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this aplication - though we hope that adequate soundproofing will have been specified.


2023/0356 107-117 & 133-141 Morning Lane, E9 6LH Change of use from restricted retail use (Use Class A1) to Commercial, Business and Service use (Use Class E). Full Planning Permission (Alix Hauser)

We note that no alteration to the buildings is proposed. The change of use from A1 to E, however, will open up a very wide range of potential activities within the building some of which will undoubtedly cause nuisance for neighbours. Conditions should be imposed on any permission granted that will protect the amenity of surrounding streets.


2023/0559 25 Cazenove Road, N16 6PA Erection of a mansard style roof extension. Householder Planning (Micheal Garvey)

Clapton CAAC objects to this application. The D&A Statement seeks to justify the proposed works by reference to mansard roofs that have gained permission, but those are clustered around Powerscroft Road and similarly remote streets from Cazenove Road. The application cites the roof extension at number 21 but does not show that it has permission or if it had permission whether that permission pre-dated the establishment of the Conservation Area. Visually, the roof extension of 21 looks old work. We would point out that there is no other 'mansard' roof on the Cazenove Road terrace. The elevation drawing for number 25 itself shows clear projection above the parapet breaking the line. Unlike number 21, 25 would be clearly visible from both sides of the road. The parapet on the length of the terrace should remain unspoiled.


2023/0515 Raines Court, 19 Northwold Road, N16 7DG Replacement of all existing timber cladding on the block with a new Hardie Plank Cladding system, and replacement of decking on private balconies located on the rear block on northwest elevation with new AliDeck System decking. (this application is reconsulted as revised plans were submitted*). Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

Clapton CAAC does not object to this application though we feel that 'dark chestnut' is a glomily dark colour in an already monochrome building.


2023/0538 46 Osbaldeston Road, N16 7DR Erection of a rear dormer roof extension to create 1 x bed residential unit at second-floor level. Full Planning Permission (Catherine Nichol)

Clapton CAAC objects this dog's breakfast of a design. The proposed rear extension does not fit within the rear roof being simply a large box rectangular box dropped down with no regard for the host building. From the street, the box projects sideways, spoiling the side roof slope. The REA LPD states: 'The width of the dormer should not exceed half the width of the roof'. The proposal far exceeds the guidance and should therefore be refused.


2023/0396 30 Norcott Road, N16 7EL Replacement of timber front windows with uPVC windows Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

Although the application states that wooden sashes will be replaced with uPVC, the drawings and D&A Statement show that the work will be carried out in double-glazed wooden sahshes. This we support.


2023/0711 Ground Floor Flat, 59 Jenner Road, N16 7RB Erection of a single storey side rear extension. Full Planning Permission (Jonathan Bainbridge)

Clapton CAAC has no objection to this aplication.


2023/0795 17 Filey Avenue, Hackney Amalgamation of the basement flat with the rest of the dwellinghouse (retrospective); erection of a ground-floor rear extension (proposed) Full Planning Permission (Thomas Russell)

We found it difficult to disentangle the pre-existing from the existing drawings which made for difficulties interpreting the proposed drawings. We wonder if the proposal breaks the three-metre guidelines.

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