Clapton CAAC October 2022

Planning Applications for Clapton CAAC meeting for 20 October 2022


2022/2323 163 Brooke Road, E5 8AG Extension to the rear at ground floor. Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

CAAC has no objection – though the single sheet of glass unbroken by glazing bars is out of keeping with the style of the other windows.


2022/2374 2 Powell Road, E5 8DJ Erection of single storey ground floor infill extension Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

CAAC has no objection


2022/1841 17 Reighton Road, E5 8SQ Erection of a roof extension with a rear dormer and 3 front rooflights. Householder Planning (Monika Vistartaite)

CAAC has no objection. The proposal tidies up a cluttered rear.


2022/0966 220 Chatsworth Road, E5 9RA Replacement of timber windows and doors with double glazed UVPC Full Planning Permission [Application Refuse] (Micheal Garvey)

Object: we note, however, that the first document on the website is the Refusal of the application – a decision we support


2022/2153 110 Lea Bridge Road, E5 9RB Retrospective planning permission for a single storey rear extension Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

Object: There is no D&A document, no drawings showing the building in its original state and no dimensions given on the existing drawings.


2022/2251 23 Brett Road, E8 1JP Erection of a rear roof extension and insertion of 3x roof lights to the front roof slope as well as a window and juliet balcony to the rear slope. Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

Object: The loft extension is party wall to party wall and is not set down from the ridge line.


2022/2138 48 Sutton Square, E9 6EQ Erection of a Rear Dormer Extension and insertion of No.2 Rooflights to the Front Roof Slope. Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

We strongly object: The roof slope of the entire terrace looking into the square is in its unbroken, uninterrupted original slate-covered form. To intrude roof lights at 48 would be to lose the unity of design and invite further deterioration. So far as the rear is concerned, the structure is overbearing.


2022/2161 27 Forburg Road, N16 6HP Erection of single-storey rear extension; Installation of steps into rear garden Householder Planning (Thomas Russell)

No objection: We note the D&A statement claims the house is not in the Conservation Area. It is in the CA.


2022/2118 58 Forburg Road, N16 6HT Erection of ground floor rear extension and erection of a rear dormer Full Planning Permission [Application Refuse] (Alishba Emanuel)

Object: The proposal tidies up the rather fragmented rear of the house. The perspective views, however, show a very high rear extension potentially exceeding permitted height. There are no dimensions given.


2022/2180 33 Osbaldeston Road, N16 7DJ Rear side roof extension Householder Planning (Raymond Okot)

Object: This is an overbearing extension cutting the slope of the host roof. From the street, the box juts out and spoils the slope of the roof. The proposed roof plan simply shows how intrusive and unsympathetic to the host building the proposal is. Given the precedents cited, we assume this will be permitted – but this would simply show a failure by planners in the past to make decisions governed by the Residential Extensions SPD.


2022/0516 60 Osbaldeston Road, N16 7DR Replacement of windows throughout existing property together with general refurbishment works. Full Planning Permission (James Clark)

No objection: once again, we compliment Peabody on its sensitive regard for its buildings.


2021/3437 66 Fountayne Road, N16 7DT Replacement of all existing windows with double glazed timber windows. Full Planning Permission (Raymond Okot)

No objection: once again, we compliment Peabody on its sensitive regard for its buildings.

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