Kingsland CAAC April 2021

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC meeting for April 2021


2021/0551 24 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA Erection of a roof extension above the outrigger at third floor level; elevational alterations comprising enlarged windows to front and rear at roof level Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

The applicant incorrectly states that the site is not in a Conservation Area. We have no objection to the roof extension above the outrigger at third floor rear. However we do object to the proposed enlarged windows to the front of the mansard roof which are entirely out of character with the existing facade and would fail to enhance both the building and the area. The site is wider than the average plot along this stretch and has a well-proportioned original stucco facade.


2021/0639 508a Kingsland Road, E8 4AE Erection of a part-one part-two storey residential roof extension atop 508a Kingsland Road to provide 3 residential units Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

We object to this application. Two additional floors will appear overbearing when seen from Forest Rd. The design fails to follow the rhythm of the window layout on the east façade of the main building and this will result in a disjointed impact. The internal layout results in living rooms abutting bedrooms in adjacent flats on both floors. Even with good sound insulation this would seem to compromise the spaces. The earlier granted application for one additional floor would be preferable and less likely to set a president.


2021/0262 100 De Beauvoir Road, N1 4EN Variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) attached to planning permission 2019/0687 dated 16/05/2019 for “Erection of a single storey roof extension and external terraces at third floor level; demolition of existing single storey rear extension; erection of deck access to rear; elevational alterations to include new fenestration; alterations to entrances; landscaping to include a new forecourt to the front of the building, new boundary treatment and erection of refuse and cycle stores to front; to create additional and remodelled office space.” The amendments include a ground floor window to the front elevation; resized door and windows at first and second floor level on the south and east elevations and installation of new pipework on the south elevation and a roof level balustrade. Removal/Variation of Condition(s) (Alix Hauser)

No objection.


2021/0616 68 Lawford Road, N1 5BL Demolition of existing rear conservatory and erection of new conservatory. Replacement of timber windows with new single glazed windows to front and rear elevations Alterations to front light well (new staircase, new door and new window) to basement. Full Planning Permission (Micheal Garvey)

We have no objection to this application. Although we notice that nearly all the windows along this terrace have front windows with 2 over 2 panes and wonder whether this might be an opportunity to replace the existing 6 over 6 paned sash window at raised ground floor on the front elevation with 2 over 2. This would match the other windows on the front façade and give better harmony to the terrace.


2021/0762 146 De Beauvoir Road, N1 4DJ To demolish the rear extension and replace it with a single storey full-width rear extension Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

We appreciate that a number of other houses in this part of De Beauvoir Road have rear extensions that extend well beyond the recommended 4 metre guidelines. However this proposed extension almost doubles the original foot print of the house and together with the patio appears to cover 60% of the original garden. We therefore object to the scale of the extension which should not exceed that of the adjoining extension at 148. The rear elevation drawing shows that the rooflight structure will sit proud of the rear extension parapet line which looks untidy.


2021/0685 21 Albion Square, E8 4ES Internal and external alterations to lower ground, upper ground and first floors of the Grade II listed building. Includes lower ground floor rear extension and new terrace works to include steps and planters. Householder Planning (Kim Aukett)

We have some serious concerns about this application, in particular about the loss of two key elements from the rear façade. With the exception of the pair at No 22 all of the other houses on the north side of Albion Square have retained their closet wings. We think that, as this is a listed building, the closet wing should be kept and incorporated into the design. The rear steps from the upper floor show how the garden was accessed historically from the main rooms of the house and are a key feature of this property and neighbouring buildings. An extension of a scale that is subservient and which preserves the special interest of the listed building would be more acceptable. The proposed replacement secondary front door should follow original design and care should be taken to site the external alarm box on the front of the property so it is not obtrusive.


2020/3839 Lidco Cardiac Sensor Systems, 16 Orsman Road, N1 5QJ Demolition of existing buildings on site and erection of a part 5, part 6 storey building comprising 4,327sqm office floorspace (Use Class E); a flexible unit at ground floor level (Use Class E); and provision of associated waste storage, cycle parking, balconies, roof and rear terraces and plant. **Please note this is a new application submitted due to I.T. issues experienced by the council. The design has been revised since the previous application. Comments submitted on previous applications cannot be taken into consideration for consultation purposes** **Please note this application is out for reconsultation with all the supporting documents now available on the website** Full Planning Permission (Louise Prew)

We object to this application. The building is still too large for the site and would be better lowered by one, if not two, storeys. The cumulative impact of block corridor development is adversely affecting the overall character of this section of the canal. Being on the south side the sense of bulk and loss of light created by the proposed six storey building will have a detrimental impact on this increasingly important local amenity open space. The Heritage statement concludes that there will be less than substantial harm to the Grade II Listed Stags Head public house and some harm to the Non Designated Heritage Assets elsewhere in Orsman Road. Apparently the uplift in employment workspace including affordable provision will provide public benefits which outway any of this harm. However surely a smaller scheme with a more contextually appropriate appearance would provide similar benefits without causing harm to the listed building, the character of the canal and the setting of the Conservation Area.


2021/0801 Geffrye Museum Kingsland Road, E2 8EA Installation of six structures within the front garden facing Kingsland Road for a temporary period of five months. Full Planning Permission (Alix Hauser)

No objection.


2021/0753 24 Northchurch Terrace, N1 4EG Erection of a bike store to the front of the property Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

No objection.


2021/0940 28 Albion Square, E8 4ES Application of brick soot-wash to front elevation Listed Building Consent (Gerard Livett)

No objection.


2021/0753 24 Northchurch Terrace, N1 4EG Erection of a bike store to the front of the property Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

This proposed bike store is positioned better than most although it will still be very visible from the street and, because of differing ground levels, from the neighbouring house at number 26. To mitigate this the applicant proposes to install a section of trellis behind the bike store and we wonder whether it might look less obtrusive if the trellis were continued along the length of the boundary wall. The installation of bike and bin stores is a creeping blight on the Conservation Area and very few seek planning permission. We would welcome a council review and guidance for householders in conservation areas on issues such as colour, size and location.


2021/0396 270 - 276 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG Erection of rear extension at third and fourth levels and erection of an additional storey at fifth floor level to facilitate the provision of nine self-contained residential units with terraces and an extension to an existing unit at third floor level; restoration of lift core; levelling of slab at basement level and alterations to the front and rear elevations to provide a rear entrance, replace existing windows and provide cycle and refuse storage. [For consultation purposes the proposed dwelling mix of the additional units is 4x1-bed, 2x2-bed and 3x3-bed units]. Full Planning Permission (Alix Hauser)

We are pleased to see that the applicant proposes to refurbish the existing building. However we object to the rooftop extension, the design of which would adversely affect the architecture and balance of the site. The well defined strong facade on the Kingsland Road will be diminished and the structure and terraces will be clearly seen in the long views. We do not object to the extensions at third and fourth floor levels on the rear.


2021/0823 Flat B, 152 Southgate Road, N1 3HX Erection of two storey rear extension, external alterations Full Planning Permission (Micheal Garvey)

The description of the proposal is misleading in that the two storey rear extension already exists and apart from the oriel window the revisions are all internal. However we have no objection.


2021/1028 Flat 3, 29 Ardleigh Road, N1 4HS Erection of rear rooflight. Full Planning Permission (Kelsi Bolstad)

We have no objection in principle although we are not entirely sure of the purpose of the proposed roof light which is incorrectly described as a dormer in the Design & Access statement.

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