Kingsland CAAC August 2019

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC meeting for 5 August 2019


2019/2426 25 Albion Square E8 4ES Non-material amendment to planning permission ref 2018/0145 dated 03/04/2018, comprising amendments to rooflight, door, canopy and gate (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

No objection


2019/2160 7 A Ardleigh Road N1 4HS Replacement of existing first floor front and rear UPVC windows of the property with aluminium and wood triple glazed windows (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

No objection


2019/2614 28 Englefield Road N1 4ET Addition of 2 x Velux rooflights to front roof slope; alterations to windows, (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

We have no objection to the roof lights. However it is not clear from the submitted drawing what alterations are proposed for the windows and we seek clarification on that aspect of the proposal.


2019/2365 Vacant site between James Anderson Court and 199 Kingsland Road E2 8AN Construction of a four-storey building to provide three flats (1x1, 1x3, and 1x3) (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

We have no objection in principle but we would like clarity on the proposed circulation space in the top flat. The drawing appears to suggest a ramp but, as the only access to the flat is via stairs, we don't understand why this would be necessary. Also the positioning of the bath in the top flat, which has two bedroom not three as stated in the application description, will restrict access to the balcony.


2019/2496 Flank Wall 253 Kingsland Road E2 8AN Replacement of an existing illuminated 48-sheet advertisement display with an illuminated 48-sheet digital advertisement display (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

We object to this application. Although the individual images may not contain any movement, animation or special effects the change in image every ten seconds would present a distraction to both motorists and cyclists travelling north on the Kingsland Road.


2019/1855 558 Kingsland Road E8 4AH Internal alterations to layout and services; replacement of shop front. [Note for consultation: Application for planning permission 2019/1978 also received; application for advertisement consent 2019/1939 also received] (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No objection


2019/1939 558 Kingsland Road E8 4AH Display of fascia sign and externally-illuminated projecting sign. (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No objection


2019/1978 558 Kingsland Road E8 4AH Replacement of the aluminium framed shop front (x2 door) with a timber framed shop front (x1 door) [Note for consultation: Listed Building Consent application 2019/1855 and Advertisement consent 2019/1939 also received] (Gerard Livett 020 8356 8398)

No objection


2019/0948 1 Orchard Mews N1 5BS Erection of a single storey outbuilding to the rear of the property (Raymond Okot 020 8356 8080)

We have no objection to the garden outbuilding but we would like to be reassured that the proposed cladding harmonises with the existing building and fencing. We also regret the lack of drawn elevations.


2019/1858 Unit 7 Canalside Studios 2-4 Orsman Road N1 5FB Change of use from B1 to Mixed use B1 and A3 Sui Generis and external ducting to rear elevation. Hours of opening 08:00am-11:59 pm. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

We do not object to the change of use. However we are concerned about the layout of the proposed ducting which does not appear on any of the drawings. It may be very visible from the canal and towpath opposite and we should like to see the relevant elevations before making our decision on this aspect.


2019/2448 36 - 38 Ufton Road N1 5BX Joint application for erection of two storey infill house; erection of single storey rear extensions at lower ground floor of both properties; landscaping to include subdivision of rear gardens and work to boundary wall. (Nick Bovaird 0208 356 8291)

We do not object to the proposals. However we are concerned with the appearance of the infill building at street level. It is not in keeping with the style of the terrace. We are also concerned about the impact on the streetscape of the bicycle sheds in the three front gardens.


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