Kingsland CAAC February 2016

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC meeting on 1 February 2016


2015/4538 at 8 Albion Square E8 4ES.  Planning Officer Evie Learman.

Insertion of new window to west elevation at upper ground floor level. Alterations and refurbishment works including insertion of ground floor vents to west elevation, new soil pipes, and works to internal areas including installation of underfloor heating.

We have no objection to this application.  We note that the damaged roof tiles are to be replaced to match existing and, as there are presently both original slate and fibrous cement, we would prefer the use of slate. With reference to the replacement of the lean to roof we wonder whether there is a more modern and attractive alternative to the existing corrugated polycarbonate covering?


2015/4536 at 2 Albion Terrace E8 4ER.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of single storey ground floor rear extension and external alterations to rear elevation.

We do not object to this application in principle.  However we are concerned that the proposed timber cladding is not in keeping with either the house or the Conservation Area.  The combination of timber cladding, green roof and metal doors introduces too many materials to the original brick and render and, in our opinion, the result would be visually confusing.


2015/4476 at 13 Balls Pond Road N1 4AX.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Change of use of the ground floor of the property from A1 Shops to restaurant A3 use including shopfront alterations. 

No objection.



2015/4549 and 2015/4555 at 157 Balls Pond Road N1 4BG.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Basement extension under the full garden at rear of the property.

While this appears to be an elegant solution to extending the living area of the house without despoiling the beautiful rear elevation we object to the application.  The original large garden has been sold to others and the small area remaining is the only piece of drainable land with the curtilage of 155 to 161 Balls Pond Road.  Should this application be approved there would be no opportunity for ground water run off over a considerable area.  The Article 4 Designation was introduced in most of the De Beauvoir Conservation Area to address the issue of paving over front gardens for parking.  This application, if granted, would serve as a precedent for similar developments at the rear.  Furthermore the skylights in the garden would be the cause of considerable light pollution.


2015/4582 at Metropolitan Business Centre, Enfield Road N1 5AZ.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Prior approval application for installation of 3 no. antennas and 2 no. additional mast head amplifiers (MHAs) to be located on the existing structure on the rooftop, the installation of a Samo Duo cabinet located on the existing grillage and associated equipment.  

We object to this application.  We note that the proposed antennas are less obtrusive than those in the previous refused application 2015/2346.  However the Samo Duo cabinet is considerably more prominent.  Is there no way that the bulk of this equipment can be reduced? This is a landmark building and the equipment would be uncomfortably visible from some distance both north and south along Kingsland Road. We would also point out that the main entrance to the Metropolitan Business Centre is on Kingsland Road not Enfield Road as stated.


2015/4641 at 81 Hertford Road N1 5AG.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of single storey lower ground floor rear extension.

We have no objection to this application provided that the proposed extension will not adversely affect the amenity of the neighbouring properties.


2016/0078 at 422 Kingsland Road E8 4AA.  Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Change of use of ground floor and basement from retail shop (Use Class A1) to drinking establishment (Use Class A4). Proposed opening hours 1000 to 2300 on Sunday to Thursday; 1000 to 0000 on Friday and Saturday.

We are sorry to see the loss of another retail opportunity in the Kingsland Road but have no particular objection to this application.


2015/3961 at 5 Lee Street E8 4DY.  Planning Officer Evie Learman.

Conversion of the existing four-storey single dwellinghouse to 3 x self-contained flats. 

No objection.


2015/4487 at 72 Mortimer Road N1 5AP.  Planning Officer Evie Learman

Erection of single storey lower ground floor rear extension.

No objection although we should point out that the numbering of the houses on the site plan and the drawings is incorrect, number 74 is north of 72 not south as shown.



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