Kingsland CAAC July 2016

Planning Applications for KCAAC meeting on Monday 4 July 2016


2016/2232 at 24 Albion Drive E8 4ET.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of dormer roof extension and single storey ground floor rear and side extension.

We object to this application. The window in the proposed dormer is too large, and should have proportions more appropriate to the period e.g. two smaller windows.

We find the proposed side infill incongruous: the slope on the roof does not match the slope of the main existing extension, and the wooden panelling on the side extension is inappropriate.


2016/1735 at Ability Plaza, Arbutus Street E8 4DT.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Removal of the existing perforated metal cladding from the northern and central stair cores and replacing with aluminium composite rain screen cladding. 

No objection, but we would like to ask whether the staircases should be ventilated.


2016/1146 at 11 Balls Pond Road N1 4AX.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Demolition of remainder of existing partially demolished building and erection of a three storey building with three storey closet wing to provide a retail unit (use class A1) at ground floor level and 2 x 1 bed self contained flats (use class C3) on the upper floors.

The two doors, to the shop and to the flats, should be of the same design as the door to the shop.

We are concerned with the size of the proposed first floor flat, which is less than the recommended square footage for a one bed flat.

Otherwise we are very happy to see this façade being reinstated.


2016/2217 and 2016/2245 at 49-51 Balls Pond Road N1 4BW.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Installation of an ATM with internally illuminated advertising collar surround (Retrospective application)

We have no objection to the cash machine, but feel that there should be an application for the large new shop signage, which has an effect on the adjoining Maberley Chapel.


2016/0930 at 111 Culford Road N1 4HT.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Conversion of existing single dwelling into two self-contained dwellings (1 x 4 bed and 1 x 1 bed).

No objection.


2016/1834 at 160 Culford Road N1 4HU.  Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

Proposed lower ground floor extension to rear of the property.

We have no objection to the size of the extension. We are however very concerned about the problem of light pollution affecting the property to the south, and feel that, given the size of the proposed glass doors to the rear, the very large rooflight at the back of the proposed extension should be omitted, leaving the two smaller rooflights to light the middle of the extension.


2016/2141 at 104 De Beauvoir Road N1 4DJ.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Replacement of existing rear ground floor windows with new bi-fold doors including replacement of existing ground floor single glazed timber frame window, second floor front window, second floor rear window with double glazed timber frame sash windows and installation of new skylight to existing flat roof.

No objection.


2016/1953 at First Floor Flat, 24 Englefield Road N1 4ET.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Reduction of second floor rear wall height from 1.65m to 0.9m and replacement of the existing first floor rear single door with a double door.

We feel that the parapet at 3rd floor on the rear elevation should be reduced to 110cms rather than 90cms, for safety. Otherwise no objection.


2016/1354 at 2A Forest Road E8 3BY.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Demolition of two storey building and erection of four storey plus basement mixed use building to form part A1 (Retail) B1(Office) at basement, ground and first floors and seven residential units on upper floors 

We are concerned that both 3 bedroom x 5 person flats are at 77 sq m considerably smaller than the recommended 86 sq m. This constitutes overdevelopment of the site and should be altered.

We are puzzled by the alternate fenestration on the proposed front façade, which is unattractive. Could this also be solved by making the flats fit the required floor space/ inhabitant ratio?

As we pointed out at the last application, the site analysis refers to “Hendon Church End” rather than this site: this should have been picked up.


2016/1518 at 3 Glebe Road E8 4BD.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Demolition of existing west elevation façade (rear elevation).

There is no Design and Access statement, and no evidence put forward for the poor condition of the brickwork. We therefore have to defer to the Conservation Officer to make this decision. If demolition and rebuilding is justified, it is crucial that the bricks of the new structure match the old.


2016/1908 at Edison Studios, Unit 17 Perseverence Works, 38 Kingsland Road E2 8DD.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of two storey extension at roof level to provide 250 sq m of B1 (office).

No objection. As with our response to the similar application for Unit 19 (2016/1635), we would ask the Planning Officer to condition the consent with regard to brickwork and windows.


2016/2075 at 49 Kingsland Road E2 8AG.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Installation of louvre grille to existing door to facilitate new air condenser unit to south elevation.

No objection.


2016/2197 at 41-49 Kingsland Road E2 8AG.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Installation of internally illuminated static fascia sign. Internally illuminated projecting sign at fascia level.

We have no objection to the static fascia sign, but feel that on such a large and prominent shop frontage, projecting signs are unnecessary. NB Hackney’s 2006 Shop front Design Guide says that there should not be more than one projecting sign per shop, so at the least, this rule should be adhered to.


2016/2073 at 0027 Metropolitan Business Centre, Kingsland Road N1 5AZ.  Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Prior Approval for siting and appearance: installation of additional dish antenna on roof of building.

No objection. 


2016/2230 at 424-426 Kingsland Road E8 4AA.  Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor. 

Replacement of existing shopfront.

We strongly object to the proposed new shopfront to this iconic East end restaurant. The design is ugly, incoherent, and grim. Both materials and design are overcomplicated: three different sorts of door, several different materials. It is a pity that this applicant is not taking the opportunity as others are on the Kingsland Rd to reinstate a traditional shopfront, which would be so very suitable for this very traditional business.


2016/1659 at 502 Kingsland Road E8 4AE.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Change of use from B1 (offices) to part A1 (retail) and part Studio flat at ground floor; new shopfront and new entrance door, conversion of B1 (offices) of upper floors to 2 x 1 bed and 1 x 2 bed flats and erection of a mansard roof and new windows.

Once again we object on the basis of overdevelopment: the insertion of the proposed studio on the ground floor leaves space for a shop so small that it must barely be viable, and creates a flat which has very little light.

The 4 person 2 bed flat at 61.5 sq m is smaller than the recommended 70 sq m.

We would prefer that the applicant keeps to the previously granted permission with the flat roof to the mansard.

The proposed changes to the façade/shop front however are very welcome.


2016/1907 and 2016/1917 at 63 Northchurch Road N1 4EE.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Enlargement of existing bin store and alterations to boundary wall fronting onto Southgate Road.

No objection.


2016/2070 at Basement Flat, 3 Stamford Road N1 4JP.   Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Erection of a single storey side extension at lower ground level with one rooflight.

We wondered whether this application should have been registered as there was no Design and Access statement which would have helped to explain the minimal drawings. We have no objection but would ask that the brickwork of the new exterior wall seamlessly match the existing on either side (or, that the whole exterior run of wall be rebuilt as one).


2016/2028 at 99 Tottenham Road N1 4EA.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Demolition of a single-storey side extension and erection of a two-storey side extension; Alterations to fenestration of the existing rear extension; Internal alterations to merge two dwellings into one; Installation of railings at the front garden parapet. 

We would ask the Conservation Officer to ensure that the bricks, bond and pointing of the proposed new facades, front and rear, match the original, and that the coursing is aligned with the original.

We would like to see a traditional four-panelled front door.

We object to the proposed new railings: the existing small brick wall should be demolished as it is not traditional, and traditional full height railings with appropriate finials installed.

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