Kingsland CAAC March 2016

Planning Applications for Meeting of Kingsland CAAC 7 March 2016


2016/0341 at 41 Buckingham Road N1 4HY.  Planning Officer Evie Learman

Erection of single storey rear ground floor extensions.

We have no major objection, but feel that the varied roof elevation produces an untidy effect.


2016/0464 and 2016/0465 at 17 Englefield Road N1 4LJ. Planning Officer Evie Learman.

Erection of single storey rear extension at ground floor level.  Associated alterations comprising alterations to existing rear ground floor.

No objection


2015/4616 at 2A Forest Road E8 3BY.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey

Demolition of two storey building and erection of a six storey mixed use building to form part A1, B1 at basement, ground and first floor and eight residential units on the upper three floors ( 3x1, 2x2, 3x3)

We object to this application, on the basis of design. We feel that rather than going up into a Residential fourth floor, it would be better to build a mansard across the entire third floor. The building would then also have less impact from the Kingsland Road. It should be noted that the pub on the corner of the Kingsland Road is a locally listed building.

We find the alternate pattern of fenestration odd, and wonder why this is necessary.

This is a large site, and if the building is to be demolished entirely there is an opportunity to build something of real merit in its place.

NB the Context section in the Site Analysis refers to Hendon Church End Conservation Area, and is irrelevant to this application.


2016/0090 at 8 Kingsland Road E2 8DA.  Planning Officer Evie Learman

Installation of non-illuminated Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) to shopfront.

No objection.


2015/4079 at 110 Kingsland Road E2 8DP.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey

Change of use from A1 (retail) to an A4 (Bar). Hours of opening 13:00 -02:00 am following day. Monday to Sunday. Excavation of existing basement to form larger basement.

We have the following concerns:

  • We regret the loss of retail space.
  • There is no reference to what is above the bar, which is to be open until 2am, and we are concerned that any residential units above and adjacent would be adversely affected by noise.
  • The food preparation area (in the basement) has no natural light, which is undesirable if anyone is to work down there for any length of time.
  • With regard to the excavation of the basement, we would note that when the building next door (to the north) excavated as part of the rebuilding works, the retaining walls were found to be resting on a mixture of compacted ash.


2016/0509 at 242 Kingsland Road E8 4DG.  Planning Officer James Carleton.

Installation of a free standing advertisement board at ground floor level on the west elevation.

No objection.


2016/0361 at 258 Kingsland Road E8 4DG.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Variation of conditions 1 (hours of opening) and 2 (temporary use) of planning permission 2015/1169 dated 15/06/2015 to allow continued temporary use of part of the ground floor as a café (use class3) with extended opening hours from Monday to Thursday 08:00-22:00, Friday and Saturday 09:00-23:00 and Sunday 09:00-22:00 to Monday to Thursday 08:00 -23:00 Friday 08:00-23:59, Saturday 09:00-23:59 and Sunday 09:00-23:00. And to extend the temporary period to 31/08/2018.

No objection.


2016/0368 at Kings Wharf, 301 Kingsland Road E8 4DS.  Planning Officer Gerard Livett

Change of use from Live/Work to residential.

No objection.


2016/0489 at 338 Kingsland Road E8 4DA.  Planning Officer Evie Learman.

Erection of five storey rear extension between lower ground and roof level.  Alterations to existing mansard roof including raising ridge height and enlarging front and rear windows.  In association with conversion of property into 4 self contained residential units.  In association with listed building application 2016/0504.

We strongly object to this application to materially change a listed building, and the last original house in this terrace, and support the Planning Inspector’s report as a result of the previous appeal. The existing mansard height should therefore be retained, and the existing rear wall should not be covered by an extension. We also very much regret that the house could be split into four rather small, mean flats, whereas this would make a handsome family house, or two more generous flats.


2016/0398 at 13 Southgate Grove N1 5BP.  Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Demolition of existing single storey rear extension, erection of part single part two storey rear extension, rear elevation alterations and installation of a rear roof light.

We object to the proposed upper floor orthogonal extension containing the staircase, which is unattractively narrow, too tall, and the timber cladding does nothing to enhance the building as a whole. It seems that the staircase has been moved back towards the garden in order to allow an extension to the bathroom and a utility room to be fitted into the house, and we would suggest that this should be avoided.


2016/0231 at 72 Southgate Road N1 3JF.  Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

Conversion of lower ground floor office (B1) to a one bedroom flat. Erection of part two/part single storey office extension with associated alterations to rear elevation and rear buildings together with alterations to existing flats and rear workshops, rearrangement of existing car parking spaces and alterations to lower ground floor front fenestration. Relocation of existing pedestrian and vehicular entrance gates to rear yard.

No objection. We are however sorry to see the loss of open space in the courtyard, and increased density of development.


2016/0152 at 1-10 Deacon Mews, Flats 1-6 84 Southgate Road, Flats 1-6 86 Southgate Road, Flats 1-4 88 Southgate Road and Flats 1-6 90 Southgate Road.   Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Like for like replacement of timber windows and doors to existing.

We are pleased to see that the applicant has responded to previous comments, and have no objection.


2016/0573 at 124 Tottenham Road N1 4DY.   Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of a mansard roof extension.

We strongly object to the proposed mansard roof. This house is part of a group of unusual two storey houses none of which have mansards, and this would set a precedent within that group. The fact that the houses across the road are three storeys is irrelevant.


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