Kingsland CAAC May 2016

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC Monday 9 May 2016


2016/1323 and 2016/1030 at 32 Cremer Street E2 8HD.  Planning Officer Barry Coughlan.

Erection of 4 storey building and rear/side extensions to 32 Cremer Street upon land within the curtilage of Geffrye Museum (Grade I Listed). 

We have no objection to this scheme.  We are pleased to see that it will be possible to stabilise and refurbish the former public house on Cremer Street and utilise the space thus provided, together with a new ground floor extension, as a museum café.  The eight new residential units should provide a welcome addition to the local housing stock.  The proposed active frontages on Cremer Street and Geffrye Street will greatly improve this part of the Kingsland Conservation Area.


2016/1051 and 2016/1057 at Geffrye Museum.  Planning Officer Barry Coughlan.

Creation of new museum entrance on Geffrye Street including alterations to existing canopy and provision of new ramped access; creation of terrace on southern part of site at ground floor level associated with adjoining café use; alterations to boundary treatment on Geffrye Street and Cremer Street; creation of 2no doors to modern extension to southern wing; erection of single storey extension to southern wing at lower ground floor level to provide additional facilities and studio space; erection of single storey extension to north wing at lower ground floor level in order to provide learning pavilion; landscaping works to period gardens and southern activity garden; erection of wall enclosing gardener's compound on northern part of site; erection of wayfinding totem in Kingsland Road gardens; creation of access ramp to southern entrance on Kingsland Road Elevation; reinstatement of windows on eastern wing at lower ground floor level including conversion of existing doors at this level to windows; installation of ramp to northern elevation. 

We have no objections to the proposal. We are very happy to see that this scheme clearly and thoughtfully addresses so many of the issues raised by the previous proposal, and the challenges presented by the original buildings, providing so much new, functional and versatile space for the museum.


2016/1178 at 134 De Beauvoir Road N1 4DJ.  Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Rear full width ground floor only extension to enlarge existing kitchen dinner.

No objection.


2016/1271 at 17 Englefield Road N1 4LJ.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Variation of condition 2 (development in accordance with approved plans) and removal of condition 3 (external materials) to allow for the change of the external materials of the extension from London Stock Brick to Corten Steel.

No objection.


2016/0191 at 3 Glebe Road E8 4BD.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of rear balconies to first floor  

This is a handsome industrial building, and any extension should enhance it rather than running the risk of looking like a domestic conservatory. The drawings do not however give a clear enough indication of what the glass extension would look like, and we feel that this application should be revisited by the applicant.

We would note that there is no indication of ventilation, or water run-off.


2016/0715 at 261 Kingsland Road E2 8AS.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission 2014/1874 dated 12/08/2014 to allow for alterations to the shopfront and residential entrance. 

While we appreciate the applicant’s desire to modernise the shopfront, we feel that it is a pity that the proposal does not create a more harmonious set of shopfronts, as this is quite a cohesive terrace.


2016/0328 at 390 Kingsland Road E8 4AA.  Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Extension to second floor rear and relocate the flat entrance from front to rear of the building with a new metal staircase.

No objection


2016/0834 at 500 Kingsland Road E8 4AE.  Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

Three storey extension to rear and roof extension to create 3 x 1 bed self-contained residential units.  

We object to the third floor element of this proposal. We note that Nos 482 to 500 are an uninterrupted run of original buildings without mansard roofs, with a strong and uniform roofline. We would regret the erosion of this feature, which is sadly rare along the Kingsland Road now. Although there is a taller roof on 504-506, we also note that this building is later, dating to 1899, whereas 482-500 are c. 1860 buildings.


2016/1091 at 5-6 Lee Street E8 4DY. Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Conversion of property to provide three self-contained residential units (1 x 3-bed, 1 x 2-bed, 1 x studio); insertion of new windows in side and rear elevations at ground and first floor levels. 

We object to this proposal. We are concerned that this is not an improvement to the area. It was originally proposed that this would be a family home, but this now looks like a case of overdevelopment, squeezing three flats into this small building. We feel that if the building should be divided, two three-bedroom flats would be more appropriate, and would meet better with Hackney’s identified housing needs.


2016/1210 and 2016/1246 at 1 Livermore Road E8 4EZ.  Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Internal and external alterations, including provision of new lightwell to north-west corner, enlarged lightwell to west elevation, replacement of door with wall on north elevation, to provide two-bedroom self-contained residential unit at lower ground floor level. Listed Building Consent application 2016/1246. 

We object to the proposed use of UPVC windows and door.

The application is rather skimpy: e.g. the applicant has not provided any idea of what the new window at lower ground floor would look like. We do not have any objection to the application in principle, but would like the Conservation Officer to ensure that these details are looked into, and that the results suit this listed Victorian building.


2016/0702 and 2016/0721 at 85 Mortimer Road N1 5AR.  Planning Officer Gerard Levitt.

Excavation of the rear garden and creation of a double-storey basement, erection of stair access, roof lights and car lift at ground floor level and landscaping alterations (including removal of trees).

We very strongly object to this application.

There is no Heritage Assessment for this listed building, one of the earliest and most important in the De Beauvoir Conservation Area. There are no elevations of the proposed development as seen from Northchurch Terrace. There is no long section indicating the relative depths and locations of the proposed double-storey basement and the Crypt of the church. The description of the development in the CIL statement is completely incorrect. This application should not have been accepted without these documents, in correct form.

The glass brick structure for the staircase will be taller than the north wall of the garden, and will be obtrusive. 85 Mortimer Rd was the old vicarage for St. Peter’s Church and both buildings are listed; this construction sits between the two as one views the buildings from Northchurch Terrace. No reference is made to the physical impact of the development on the church, which will on the western side of the development be ~1m from the excavation at its closest. We are extremely concerned about potential damage to the church. We note that the excavation is further from the applicants’ house (~3m).

Most of the side garden will be paved over. Given that there is an Article 4 Direction in the Conservation Area to prevent the paving over of gardens, this considerable loss of green space and water run-off is unacceptable. There are no details of the “soak-through” drainage system. The applicants have not demonstrated that by digging out a double basement, they will not cause destructive displacement of the water table. NB Mortimer Road already floods in heavy rain.

We object strongly to the loss of four large trees on a prominent site on the corner of De Beauvoir Square.

There are some factual errors in the Design and Access statement: e.g. No. 83 is not a Victorian villa, but a mid-20th century pastiche. It is unclear whether there is planning consent for the existing area of paved off-street parking.

2016/1189 at 8 Pearson Street E2 8JD.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Internal and external alterations to the listed building comprising: repair works to existing slate roof, installation of double glazed timber framed windows; replacement of internal staircase; creation of open plan space at basement level and installation of an ensuite bathroom at first floor level. 

No objection. We note that this building is part of a terrace of Grade 2 listed houses, and would hope that wherever possible, original architraves, mouldings and/or skirtings will be preserved.


2016/0978 at 109A Tottenham Road N1 4EA.  Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Erection of two storey rear infill extension at ground and first floor levels; alterations to the existing rear outrigger and rear roof extension comprising: the installation of large fixed glazed windows, aluminium framed double doors, installation of a metal balustrade at first floor level and provision of a Juliet balcony at second floor level; erection of a timber bin store in the front garden.

No objection. We would note however that the drawings for the proposal do not illustrate rainwater disposal and we should like to see permeable paving in the front garden.

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