Kingsland CAAC May 2020

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC meeting for May 2020


2020/0658 512 Kingsland Road E8 4AE Erection of roof extensions to provide 1 x studio flat and 1 x 1bed flat; conversion of first floor studio flats to 1 x 1bed flat and enlargement of two existing studios; conversion of second floor studio flats to form 1 x 1 bed flat and 1 x 2 bed flat. Provision of cycle and bin storage at ground floor. Elevational alterations comprising new roof terraces at first and second floor and new access door to Forest Road elevation. (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

We have no objection to this application although some of the internal layouts look rather cramped. We note that the bedroom of the first floor rear flat 1 is positioned directly above the entrance, cycle store and bin store. We hope that all internal walls and floors will be insulated to a high standard. The proposed third floor plan and the elevation to Forest Road appear not to agree as the elevation is showing a chimney and the plan is not.


2020/1140 18B Albion Drive E8 4ET Proposed erection of first floor rear extension and roof extension. (Kelsi Bolstad 020 8356 4160)

We strongly object to this application which really should not have been accepted. There is no Design and Access statement and the drawings are poorly presented with insufficient detail. No dimensions are shown and there is no information about materials. The rear extension to 18 Albion Drive was added in recent times thus forming two houses and 18B was further developed about fifteen years ago by the addition of a conservatory. The proposed raised height of the roof on top of the rear addition to form a room, referred to as an attic, would cause harm to both the streetscape and the Conservation Area. It would adversely affect the original host building, would compromise the views to and from the square and would provide additional overshadowing of the neighbour at number 20. The conservatory extension is not suitable for yet another addition.


2020/1050 Flat D 180 Southgate Road N1 3HU Creation of enlarged window and two new windows on side elevation and enlarged fenestration openings of rear elevation and associated works (Thomas Bertwistle 020 8356 2532)

No objection.


2020/0638 Flat A 12 Ardleigh Road N1 4HP Elevational alterations comprising insertion of window and door to side elevation, alterations to front steps and landscaping, replacement windows to front and rear elevations and erection of a bin store to front garden (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

We have no objection to the new door and windows, the lowering of the front wall to create a planter and the alterations to the front steps. However we have concerns about the bin store. In the ‘existing’ drawings the top of the bins are level with the railing heads so any enclosure would need to be several centimetres higher to allow easy retrieval of the bins. However in the ‘proposed’ section C-C and the ‘proposed’ front elevation the bins appear to be smaller than the existing and the store is only just visible above the top of the railings. The drawings are therefore rather misleading. Given the height of a normal wheelie bin the store would be very visible in the present location, however it could be sited on the left hand side of the garden to the rear of the tree and would be much less prominent than in the current position in front of the house.


2020/0985 33 Buckingham Road N1 4HY Erection of a single storey rear extension; use of the ground floor roof as terrace including erection of balustrades and replacement door at first floor to the terrace (following removal of existing rear extension) (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

We object to this application. The length of the proposed extension appears excessive and would result in substantial loss of light to the garden and rear windows of number 31. A conventional flat roof light would look much better and obviate the need to raise the parapet wall to accommodate the proposed lean to roof lights.


2020/1168 102 Mortimer Road N1 4LA Replacement of Windows and erection of Metal Balustrading (Fabian Culican 020 8356 4747)

The reinstatement of the iron work to the front elevation is to be commended but it would also be nice to see replacement of the decorative mouldings above and below the first floor window to match the adjoining house. It is a great shame that all the casement windows at the rear are not being replaced with sash windows. Those proposed at the raised ground floor openings could be improved by further increasing the height and introducing more glazing bars (similar to the neighbour at No 100). Ideally all three should be the same height. At first floor level the four paned window appears to sit uncomfortably against the proposed new door; it might be better if the door had either a plain glass panel above the kickplate or was just plain glass. This would be a good opportunity to replace the unattractive concrete lintels above the windows with traditional arched brickwork.


2020/0781 16 Orsman Road N1 5QJ Demolition of existing buildings on site and erection of part 5, part 6 storey building comprising of office floorspace; provision of a flexible B1/A1 unit at ground floor level; and provision of associated cycle parking, terraces and plant. (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

We object to this application. The proposed building is far too large for the site and adds to the cliff face being created along the canal. The mix of building heights with occasional breaks forms a key feature of the canal and this rhythm will be lost if each new development increases in scale to this extent. The elevational treatment of ribbed metal and fibre cement cladding is very uninspiring. This development would be detrimental to the canal scape.


2020/1221 131 Tottenham Road N1 4EA Erection of part single storey, part two storey rear extension at lower ground and ground floor levels. (Danny Huber 020 8356 1453)

We don’t object to this application in principle. However we dislike the stained timber cladding which on a south facing building will easily become very shabby and is not really appropriate for the Conservation Area. The rear elevation with frameless glazing and glazed timber doors and windows looks messy. It might be better to keep the kitchen height at 2.4m, thus removing the need for the frameless glazing, and the upper new window would be more visible to balance that at lower ground level.


2020/0507 Egham Court 34 Englefield Road N1 4HA Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 2017/4000 dated 14/12/2017 for "Erection of single-storey upward extension at third floor level to provide two self-contained residential units (1 x 1-bed, 1 x 2-bed) and provision of new cycle store at ground floor level. ". The effect of the variation is to raise the level of the new third floor; increase the overall height of the building; add a dome roof light; increase the height of the glass balustrade; alter the fenestration design resulting in 6 windows on south east elevation; amend room sizes and storage area; alter the sizes of terraces. (Louise Prew 020 8356 8613)

Given that we strongly objected to the erection of a fourth storey to create an over dominant building, the matter of a slight increase in height sadly makes little difference. However we dislike the dome skylight which will needlessly add to the overall height and, as it is above the stair, is likely to be lit all night. A flat roof panel would be perfectly adequate and there is an existing window to the stair at the upper level. We did wonder whether a condition might be set that the terraces should not be used for storage, with glass balustrades this would add to the visual clutter on the skyline.


2020/0768 10 Englefield Road N1 4LN Non material amendment to planning permission 2017/4288 in relation to removal of bi folding doors, and extend roof terrace. (Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053)

We have serious concerns about this proposal. The applicant is creating an extra floor to this property but has not provided any details about how the water run-off from the flat roof will be dealt with. The proposed roof doesn’t appear to have any openable windows/ventilation and the room below is likely to become unbearably hot when the sun shines.


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