Stoke Newington CAAC September 2022

Planning Applications for Stoke Newington CAAC meeting for September 2022


2022/1223 Foxtons, 28 - 30 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0LU Advertisement consent for the replacement of the existing signage with a new painted sign along with the addition of new lighting and other associated works. Advertisement Consent (James Clark)

SN-CAAC are concerned about the proposed new sign as shown on p16 (figure 6). This shows the entire wall of the building painted black with white lettering for the actual sign. In effect this converts a small sign to something very much bigger. We feel that the wall should remain unpainted brick with a small sign in the position of the present one.


2022/1879 Hsbc, Basement And Ground Floor Front, 310 - 312 Seven Sisters Road, N4 2AW Removal of existing signage and replacement with 1 no. internally illuminated sign. Removal of 1 no. external machine and replacement with 1 no. new external machine. Advertisement Consent (Thomas Russell)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2022/2017 5 Brodia Road, N16 0ES Erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2022/1964 138 Bethune Road, N16 5DS Erection of a rear extension, proposed basement excavation, front and rear light wells, to facilitate the creation of 1 new 3-bed unit at basement level. Full Planning Permission (Catherine Nichol)

SN-CAAC feel that this is overdevelopment that will generate poor, subterranean accommodation. The front lightwells should not be permitted and any excavation should be confined to the footprint of the house.


2022/2052 46 Chesholm Road, N16 0DR Excavation to create basement extension; installation of one front lightwell Householder Planning (Alishba Emanuel)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2022/2071 Flat 1, 80 Manor Road, N16 5BN Erection of Single Storey Outbuilding in Rear Garden Full Planning Permission (Alishba Emanuel)

SN-CAAC have no objection


2022/2100 Roof Over Flats 5, 15, 16, 21 And 22, Avigdor Mews Lordship Road, N16 0QJ Erection of single-storey extension above western part of Avigdor Mews to provide two residential dwellings with associated alterations to PV arrays and cycle parking Full Planning Permission (Gerard Livett)

This site has been the subject of many applications. Initially it was seen as the 2 phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. This application is to add another storey to the existing Phase 1. Phase 2 at the west end of the site went to appeal 3 times, the last in 2012 which was turned down by the inspectors was a scheme which tried to fit a school and 14 residential units onto the Phase 2 site. The current proposal to add an additional storey to the existing Phase 1 block is over development of the overall site, Phase 1 & 2 . We think the design will have a negative effect on the setting of the conservation area. We are also concerned that the proposed additional storey will make the building seriously out of scale with the surrounding Victorian houses in Grazebrook Road and the 1940s housing in Queen Elizabeth Walk. The increas in height will make the building overwhelming on the Arbor Court side and inevitably will reduce the light the Arbor Court residents receive. We refer to 2 clauses in CAA S.7.3, part of the Conservation Area plan: "the height of new development in the Conservation Area should generally respect the height of buildings that forms its context" and "The depth of any new development, and the impact of bulky new buildings on neighbouring properties, will also be carefully considered by the Council"

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