2 Salcombe Road N16 8AX

2 Salcombe Road London N16 8AX

2013/0298 - 14 May 2013

By James Wright

2013/0298 - Full Planning Permission - Demolition of existing building and erection of a part 3 and 4 storey building with frontages facing onto Salcombe Road, Pellerin Road, Truman's Road and Lydford Close, comprising 30 residential units (1xstudio, 3x1, 19x2 and 7x3 beds) with associated balconies, amenity space, landscaping, cycle parking and refuse storage. (Note for consultation: The proposals have been amended in comparison those previously consulted through changes to the housing mix. This involves an additional 3-bed unit and corresponding reduction in the number of 2 bed units).

FAO: Steve Fraser-Lim

The site, land use and density

The site at 2 Salcombe Road N16 currently has a 1980’s two storey building which is not considered of significant architectural value and has been underused in recent years. The society has no objection in principle to the demolition of this building and the reuse of the site for a denser housing development incorporating private and social units.

The proposed medium density development of 575 habitable rooms per hectare also seems appropriate given the site location, scale of surrounding housing and good transport links. Secure cycle storage for 100% of occupants should be ensured.

Form and massing

The building footprint, which creates a semi public central courtyard garden is welcomed as is scale of the mainly three storey façade facing onto Salcombe Road. 

In the Design and Access statement the forth storey facing onto Pellerine Road is shown in the massing diagram on page 14 being flat fronted. Given the scale of the Victorian housing on the opposite side of the road this seems too heavy both in terms of the mass in relation to the streetscape and the way it will block south light to the street. However, we consider that the form is much improved in the CGI image on page 50 where the mass of this upper storey is set back.

The introduction of voids indicated on page 27 and 29 of the Design and Access statement works well and is essential to the success of the relief to the overall mass.

Organisation and Circulation

The plans of the L shaped block indicate private entrances and gardens onto Salcombe Road and Pellerine Road, which will benefit the proposed developments interaction at street level and is welcomed.  


The proposed use of brick for the facades appears very suitable but we would seek to condition the selection of the brick, which should be of good quality both in its type and detailing. Particular care should be given to the proposed white brick and also metal balustrades and the entrance screen.


Hackney Society support the proposed scheme providing that it includes the set back of the 4th floor façade to Pellerine Road.

If this application were to go to committee we would welcome use of a detailed scale model to be present in the chamber to help Councilors understand the context, massing and form.

In addition, if the application is recommended for approval we would request conditioning as follows –

  1. External materials and detailing–material and detailing of the facades of proposed new development should be very carefully controlled. For a development of this scale we would seek a condition requiring construction and approval of a 2mx2m wall mock up showing both the stock and white bricks proposed. Balustrade details and the Entrance screen detail should be controlled in a similar way with samples and detailed 1:20 drawings.
  2. Services penetrations - No external service penetrations to the streetscape elevations.
  3. Landscaping -Detailed hard and soft landscaping both to streetscapes and the courtyard should be controlled. 
  4. Trees - The proposed scheme appears to involve the loss of existing trees. A proposal should be made for replacing any trees which are to be felled.
  5. Pavement and kerb – The construction of a building of this scale is likely to have an impact on the integrity of the street surfaces, pavement and kerb details. The development provides an opportunity to enhance these surfaces  generally improving the streetscape of Salcombe, Pellerine and Trueman’s Road. We would welcome such a condition which could also be linked to the addition of pavement trees.
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