Kingsland CAAC March 2022

Planning Applications for Kingsland CAAC meeting for March 2022


2022/0222 9 Enfield Road, N1 5EN Prior approval for a change of use of the ground floor from commercial, business and service (use class E) to two self-contained residential units (use class C3). Prior approval - new dwellings (Alix Hauser)

We object to this application. The layout of the two flats is poor with the 1 bed having a larger living space than the 2 bed. The retained commercial/retail windows are not appropriate for bedrooms and the front door of flat A opens on to a row of bike stands.


2022/0197 4 De Beauvoir Square, N1 4LG External works of repair and maintenance including repairs to windows, redecoration of painted timber windows, doors and previously painted masonry together with the replacement of a modern rooflight at the rear of the building. Internal works inclduing the replacement of modern floor finishes, sanitary fittings and built-in furniture. Listed Building Consent (Timothy Walder)

No objection.


2021/3012 First Floor And Second Floor Flat, 43 Stamford Road, N1 4JJ Replacing single glazed timber windows and door at rear of property with similar double glazed timber windows and door. Full Planning Permission (Raymond Okot)

We object to this application. There is no drawing of the rear elevation and the existing windows. The proposed replacement windows appear bulky and have surface applied glazing bars.


2022/0328 Basement Flat, 90 Mortimer Road, N1 4LA External alterations to rear elevation, at lower ground floor. Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

No objection.


2022/0281 17 Englefield Road, N1 4LJ Proposing dropped curb and hardstanding to allow for driveway for off street parking and Electric Car Charging. Householder Planning (Erin Glancy)

We object to this application. The partial removal of the front wall to allow for private off street parking will have a detrimental effect on the setting of this pair of villas. The removal of the existing roadside parking bay will be a loss of amenity to the street which will be more apparent with the imminent refurbishment of the community building opposite. Approval of this application would set a precedent which would be detrimental to the Conservation Area.


2021/3757 32 Englefield Road, N1 4ET Part two storey, part single storey rear extension to existing four storey family home. Please refer to Design & Access Statement submitted with this application. Please note this application is broadly in line with application but with minor modifications to fenestration and materials. Householder Planning (Danny Huber)

We object to this application. The use of grey brickwork would be an unsympathetic material and together with the large Oriel window would be out of character with the surrounding architecture. This proposal would adversely affect the clear views of the rear of this terrace from Culford Road. The size and location of the rooflifght to the lower ground floor extension would risk light pollution to the neighbouring property.


2021/3739 12 - 14 Englefield Road, N1 4LS Installation of replacement windows first floor, replacement of side and rear doors, installation of new rooflights, replacement skylight, replacement existing roof light glazing, replacement roof tiles, replacement ventilation extract, replacement front railings, demolition of lean to structure to side of property, replacement bin store and associated works of refurbishment in conjunction with its continued use as a community centre and restaurant. Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

We are pleased that this rather derelict building is to be refurbished and that its use as a community centre and restaurant will be maintained.


2022/0003 31a Ardleigh Road, N1 4HS Replacement of the patio doors. Full Planning Permission (Erin Glancy)

We have no objection to this application but wondered whether the applicant had considered also replacing the two windows at first floor on this façade in a style to match the proposed new doors.


2022/0394 145 Hertford Road, N1 4LR Replacement of single glazed timber windows with double glazed timber units on the front and rear elevations, finished in white to match the existing windows. Full Planning Permission (Jonathan Bainbridge)

No objection.


2022/0354 154 Culford Road, N1 4HU Replacement of roof material and rooflight to lower ground floor roof. Householder Planning (Alix Hauser)

We are concerned that what looks like a 'walk on' roof surface might be used as a terrace at some stage in the future. We would have preferred a green roof.


2021/2742 Railway Arch 322-324 Acton Mews, E8 4EA Retrospective planning application for new air items of plant, with atmosphere terminals ducted at roof level. Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

We have no objection provided the noise levels do not adversely affect the occupants of the neighbouring flats.


2022/0248 Basement And Ground Floor Flat, 68 Mortimer Road, N1 5AP Erection of a single storey lower ground floor rear extension, elevational alterations, landscaping alterations Full Planning Permission (Danny Huber)

We object to this application. Given the amount of glazing and the number of roof lights in this design we have serious concerns about the light emitted and its effect on the neighbouring properties. The proposed green bamboo screen shown on the lower ground floor plan provides privacy only for the existing window with its extended cill. The light pollution from the timber French doors on the north elevation will be significant. The Design and Access statement refers to an air source heat pump but this is not shown on the plans. We are also concerned about the paving material for the terrace, this should be permeable.


2022/0352 8 Ufton Grove, N1 4HG Replacement of existing single glazed timber framed windows with double glazed timber framed windows. Householder Planning (Jonathan Bainbridge)

We object to the proposed large sheet double glazed sashes with mock surface glazing bars. Also, given the proportions of the rear landing window, 3 over 3 sashes would be more appropriate.


2022/0448 St Leonards Hospital Nuttall Street, N1 5LZ Replacement of identified internal fire doors with new internal fire doors. Listed Building Consent (Timothy Walder)

We have no objection in principle. However we would prefer to see the replacement fire doors in a style more sympathetic to the period of this building rather than the basic doors which are proposed.


2021/3781 81 De Beauvoir Road, N1 4EL Erection of a lower ground floor rear extension, alterations to fenestration, creation of a door in the side elevation, internal alterations and associated works. [Reconsultation due to change in development description]. Listed Building Consent (Danny Huber)

We have no objection to this application but are disappointed that the precast concrete fascia of the proposed extension obscures the lower section of the rear sash window at upper ground floor level.

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