Doing it for Ourselves (2000-02)

Assisted local groups in developing community-led environmental improvement projects

The Doing it for Ourselves project was developed by The Hackney Society in response to a desire of local people wanting to initiate practical environmental improvement projects in Hackney.

The DIFO project sought to encourage community involvement in the restoration and re-use of existing buildings and open spaces of importance. The aim was to work closely with a small number of local groups over an extended period, supporting them from the planning stage through to implementation. Help was provided in strengthening the structure of a group, preparing project plans, applying for funds, and managing the successful completion of the project.

Some of the groups this project assisted are: The Jubilee Primary School, The Bath House Nursery, The Claudia Jones Organisation, The East London Recycling Project, The St John's Church Yard Restoration Project and the Rainbow Nursery.

This project was funded by the DETR's Environmental Access Fund and the Bridge House Trust Fund, and was completed in January 2004.

Development Officer - Andre Josef

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