Shoreditch CAAC February 2021

Planning Applications for Shoreditch CAAC meeting for February 2021


2020/4110 209 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG Demolition of existing Class E(a) (formerly Class A1) retail units and construction of a part-three, part-four and part-five storey over basement building containing Class E(a) retail floorspace at ground and basement level and 25 Private Rented Sector residential units (Class C3) on the upper floors with related facilities, including plant and cycle parking. (FOR CONSULTATION PURPOSES: THIS IS A NEW APPLICATION SUBMITTED DUE TO I.T. ISSUES EXPERIENCED BY THE COUNCIL. COMMENTS SUBMITTED ON PREVIOUS APPLICATION/S CANNOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION) Full Planning Permission (Barry Coughlan)

No objection subject to the LPA ensuring that appropriate measures are put in place to ensure minimal disruption to market traders during construction as the market is an important part of the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.


2021/0003 233 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6PJ Installation of 1 x internally illuminated projecting sign Advertisement Consent (Danny Huber)

Objection. 233 Shoreditch High Street is a non-designated heritage asset which occupies a prominent position in the Conservation Area. The building was originally built as the Great Eastern’s Electric Light Generating Station and makes a significant contribution to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. The proposed internally illuminated projecting sign would have a detrimental impact on the non-designated heritage asset, and the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. The scale, form and location of the proposed sign has no relationship with the existing building and is contrary to the Council’s policies and guidance.


2021/0116 4 Christopher Street, Hackney, Demolition of the existing buildings, excluding the front façade of 1 Earl Street, and redevelopment of the site with a mixed use development ranging in height from 4-20 stories above ground level, and 3 basement floors, comprising 66,276sqm of office (Class E), flexible retail, café/restaurant space (Class E), ancillary space, back of house areas, cycle storage, plant, landscaping and all associated works. Full Planning Permission (Steve Fraser-Lim)

Objection. The SCAAC recognises that the site is located in a part of Shoreditch that is characterised by larger scale development where the City meets the City Fringe, including a number of recent redevelopments of significant scale. However, it is important that redevelopment proposals for such sites recognise their location immediately adjacent to the Conservation Area (and within an area identified in the Conservation Area Appraisal as having Townscape Merit) and provide a design response in both form and appearance that reflects this transitional context. The SCAAC is concerned that insufficient justification has been provided for the substantial demolition of the existing buildings as their general scale, form and building line respects the wider character of the wider area. Furthermore, the retention of the existing buildings, or part thereof, should be carefully considered in the context of environmental sustainability, including the circular economy. Notwithstanding, the SCAAC has serious reservations about the scale and form of the proposed building and its very significant impact on the Conservation Area due to its overall scale, form and visual impact. The SCAAC does not object in principle to the overall height of the development, however, the overall bulk of the proposed development is unrefined and exacerbated by the clunky geometry of the set-backs at upper level. The SCAAC is particularly concerned about the impact of the development in views looking south from within the Conservation Area, and whilst acknowledging that the southerly backdrop to the Conservation Area is characterised by large-scale development, the proposal would result in a wall-like backdrop to the City Fringe which would have a significant detrimental impact.


2020/3607 Tiberdawn House, 169 Commercial Street, E1 6BW Proposed replacement front entrance door and windows to flats Full Planning Permission (Raymond Okot)

No objection.


2021/0157 2 - 4 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3NW Installation of temporary scaffold shroud for a period of 12 months comprising 1:1 image of building facade and two externally illuminated inset advertising areas measuring 9.6m x 7.7m on the Shoreditch High Street (east) elevation and 11.7m x 7.7m on the Great Eastern Street (south) elevation. Advertisement Consent (Alix Hauser)

Objection. The site occupies a prominent and highly visible position in the Conservation Area and whilst we have no objection to the principle of decorative shroud screens during construction any advertising should be restricted in scale and / or to the development that is taking place. We are also not aware of any associated planning consent to undertake the proposed works, and so if permission is granted for the shroud (with a reduced / restricted advert) this should be clearly linked by condition to the relevant development consent.

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