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What a pity that such a magnificent early house was allowed to fall slowly into such a state of disrepair and become a target for thieves. Wasn't Sutton House enough warning? Who bought the fireplaces? Is it possible to trace them, as with the Sutton House panelling? There are two houses of similar period in Stoke Newington High Streeet, they are in good repair and look magnificent. Can we see that this is well and sympathetically restored?

By Mike Dean
On 29/10/2009

I am researching family history and trying to find information on Hackney House built by a Mr Brockelbank (one of my ancestors) in the reign of George I. All I know is that it was built at a cost of £28,000 on a lawn of 18 acres (this information is by way of a family history by my great grandfather). Any information would be so appreciated.

By Judith Boothe
On 11/11/2009

In 1997 I was working as Development Director at Cordwainers College, then an independent shoe design and leather crafts college. I conceived and put together a plan to save and restore the New Lansdowne club with partners the Crafts Council and Renaisi, and put together a comprehensive application to the National Lottery (Heritage Lottery Fund), It was supported by the Cordwainers Livery company, Hackney council members and the local MP and would not only have saved the building but also made a major contribution to the regeneration of the area. Sadly the application was turned down by the HLF on the grounds that they did not think there was a market for a craft centre and museum in that location. Is there perhaps any chance that my original concept could be resuscitated now that there is so much more interest in craft and also given the changed demographic of the area which might now support such a project?

By Elizabeth Mellen Ikose
On 11/11/2009

I've read Elizabeth Ikose's history of the Cordwainers application for Heritage Lottery Funding which was turned down. What a sad and reprehensible decision, particularly in view of the fact that this same august body has enough money apparently to fund sports centres at very wealthy private schools on the grounds they are for the use of the whole community (I feel like saying 'Don't make me laugh!) It's a crime that this beautiful building where my father and my grandfather (not to speak of my grandmother and aunts) spent many happy leisure hours. It really must be saved!

By Ian Buckley
On 17/10/2013

Hi Judith, I was wondering if you had any luck tracking down family history? I'm writing a news feature about the club, and listed buildings in Hackney, and would be very interested to know of your findings. It would be great to hear from you. Thanks, Ellie.

By Ellie de Rose
On 17/10/2013