Kingsland CAAC September 2016

Planning Applications for KCAAC meeting on Monday 5 September 2016


2016/2840 at Land at corner of Bridport Place and Wiltshire Row N1. Planning Officer Stuart Hammond.

Erection of a part 6, part 9 and part 11 storey building comprising of 32 residential (Class C3) together with associated amenity space, disabled and cycle parking, refuse and hard and soft landscaping.

We strongly object to this application on the following grounds:

  • The extremely high density, at least twice what is considered appropriate. Furthermore the applicant cannot make a justification that the scheme meets the criteria for neighbourhood and community cohesion because it will ease the decanting of the Colville Estate. In any case there are only ten affordable units.
  • The massing of the building is overbearing and excessive and will be out of scale with the buildings in the immediate vicinity.
  • This building makes no acknowledgement of its surroundings. It is in an extremely prominent location and will dominate the long views along Southgate Road, Baring Street, Canal Walk and Branch Place. This location deserves a better looking building.
  • The balconies on the Wiltshire Row elevation oversail the public footpath and those at the upper levels overlook the balconies of the neighbouring Crown and Manor building.


2016/3036 at First and attic floor, 48 Englefield Road N1 4HA. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Demolition of existing dormer roof rear extension and erection of a new enlarged dormer roof rear extension.

In contrast to the pre-application advice, we think that it would be better if there were two rear dormer extensions. The style of the existing, centrally placed, dormer extensions at numbers 50 and 52 date from the mid to late 20th century. They are unattractive and inappropriate in the Conservation Area.


2016/2996 at 8 Kingsland Road E2 8DA. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Installation of an ATM machine.

We object to this application. This is a small traditional shopfront and even a slimline cash machine would be detrimental to the character of the front elevation.


2016/3102 at Unit 7 Quebec Wharf 315 Kingsland Road E8 4DJ. Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Change of use from live/work (sui generis) to Residential (use class C3).

No Objection


2016/0296 at 414 Kingsland Road E8 4AA. Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

First floor rear extension, creation of a second floor extension and third floor roof extension to create additional 2 bed flat at second and third floor levels and 2 reconfigured existing studio units at first floor level.

We object to this application as we did to the earlier application in June 2016 also numbered 2016/0296. We said then that this was a case of overdevelopment. The proposed two storey extension will bring the roof line above the level of the adjacent buildings. The scheme provides insufficient daylight and ventilation for the first floor studio. The new addition of a lightwell does not satisfactorily address the issues.


2016/2415 at Flat 1, 488 Kingsland Road E8 4AE. Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

Erection of a single storey side ground floor extension and first floor rear and side extension. Installation of new external weatherboarding and external glazing.

We object to this application. This extension with three bedrooms provides substandard sleeping accommodation. The picture window with Juliette balcony at first floor is disproportionate and not in keeping with the Victorian property. As application 2015/3374 was granted last year for a mansard roof extension we are concerned that there is a potentially severe case of overdevelopment of this property.


2016/2598 at 1-11 Long Street E2 8HN. Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Display of advertisement hoarding surrounding the site.

No objection


2016/2072 at 47 Mortimer Road N1 5AR. Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Erection of an outside vegetable and fruit stall.

We have no objection in principle to this application but we would like more information, particularly regarding the security shutters and whether there is to be any illumination.


2016/2971 at 1 Stamford Road N1 4JP. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of a single storey side and rear extension at lower ground floor level in order to accommodate an ensuite bedroom and additional living space ; Partial rebuilding and raising height of boundary with Stamford Hill; Provision of new gate and access to off street parking.

We strongly object to the size of the proposed extension which will double the footprint of the original house. We would be happy with an extension to the side or one to the rear but not both. We also object to the provision of off street car parking which is contrary to the Article 4 Direction and would result in the loss of even more of the garden and a street parking bay. We note that the applicant has requested a window cill dropped to a door to allow roof access which raises the issue of potential use of the roof as a terrace.


2016/2816 at 30 Stamford Road N1 4JL. Planning Officer Ronan O’Connor.

Change of use of ground floor from commercial (use class B1) to residential (use class C3). Second and third storey extension to existing building to provide a total of 7 residential dwellings (comprising 4 x 1 bedroom and 3 x 2 bedroom).

We have no objection to this application but we wonder whether it would be opportune to investigate the existing brickwork with a view to removing the paint.


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