Kingsland CAAC August 2016

Planning Applications for KCAAC meeting on Monday 1 August 2016


2016/2074 at 7A Ardleigh Road N1 4HS. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of front porch extension in order to facilitate the creation of a WC and storage area

No objection.


2016/2343 at 121 Culford Road N1 4HT. Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Erection of a single storey rear extension at first floor level.

We object to the application to extend this house, on the basis that this would constitute overdevelopment, and because it contravenes the De Beauvoir Conservation Area Design Guide in terms of the height of the proposed half width extension. The house already has a large lower ground floor full width extension, and a half width upper ground floor extension.

Regarding the precedents quoted, the extensions at numbers 118 and127 were built before the Conservation Area was created.

NB The rear of the house is very visible from Culford Grove and Ardleigh Rd.


2016/2346 at 121 Culford Road N1 4HT. Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Erection of a mansard style roof extension.

We object to this application, on the basis that this would constitute overdevelopment, and because it contravenes the De Beauvoir Conservation Area Design Guide. Very few mansard roofs have been approved since the Conservation Area was established. NB No 144 does not in fact have a dormer, but only a tall parapet wall. This is a clear case where a mansard roof would disturb the rhythm of the roofline on this attractive street, and while the proposed mansard may not be observable from Culford Rd, it would certainly be visible from Culford Grove and Ardleigh Rd. We are very concerned that this would set a precedent.


2016/1994 at Flat 1 50 De Beauvoir Road N1 5AT. Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Erection of a single storey rear extension at ground floor.

No objection.


2016/2347 at 54C Downham Road N1 5AS. Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Discharge of conditions 4 (materials), 5 (windows and doors) and 6 (dustbin recycling enclosures) attached to planning permission ref: 2016/0882 dated 18/05/2016.

We would prefer to see London stock bricks used, rather than the proposed Kingston Multi stock bricks. Clarification is needed as to the use and design of the railings, as the plan indicates something different to the image.


2016/1456 at 9 Enfield Road N1 5EN. Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Change of use of part car park and erection of a single storey extension to form B1 office and external alterations.

No objection.


2016/2128 at Metropolitan Business Centre Enfield Road N1 5AZ. Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Prior Approval for siting and Appearance: replacement of existing flagpole antenna with upgraded trisector antenna and replacement equipment cabinet on roof of building.

No objection.


2016/2356 at 99 - 101 Kingsland Road E2 8AG. Planning Officer

Basement and ground floor extension to accommodate B1 office space.

We have no objection, but the drawings do not make the proposed north elevation of the extension very clear, and we would ask the planning officer to take some care over checking detailing.


2016/1368 at 260 Kingsland Road E8 4DG. Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Change of use at second, third and fourth floor from B1 (office) to C3 residential and erection of part one, part two storey roof extension to create 11 residential dwellings (3 x 1 bed, 4 x 2 bed and 1 x 4 bed dwellings).

Hackney refused the 2015/0537 application because it did not make optimal use of the site by providing affordable housing. The applicant argues that the current proposal would not be viable if it provided affordable housing, so we feel that this application is once again of little value. We are also concerned that with the proposed addition, the step up from the much smaller building at 258 will be too extreme, and will create too great a visual contrast.


2016/2207 at Former Fire Station 333 Kingsland Road E8 4DR. Planning Officer Richard Mcellistrum.

Erection of part 2, part 3 storey and an 11 storey (above basement) buildings comprising a primary school (D1) for up to 350 pupils, 68 dwellings (34 x 1 bed, 31 x 2 bed, and 3 x 3 bed units) and 298 m2 of retail/financial services/café and restaurant (A1/A2/A3), with associated facilities and landscaping, following demolition of existing buildings.

We strongly object to this application.

There is no affordable housing, and nothing appears in the documents to explain why - affordable housing or no - it is necessary to build 11 storeys and 68 flats, given that the land was bought for the school by the EFA. Are all of the profits actually going into the building of the school, and is this level of income needed?

Apart from Ability Plaza, there is nothing above 8 storeys in the near area. No argument is proposed for the overbearing height of the building, which we strongly object to. This is exacerbated by the imposing bulk of the building, quite out of place in the area.

We have serious concerns that there will 8 floors of rooms with full height windows looking down into the playground of the school, which raises concerns about privacy for the children.

There is pitifully little viable outside space for the children. Even if only half of the children are on break at the same time, the central courtyard will be extremely crowded, and the noise level for children still working indoors will be considerable.

The central courtyard will also be heavily overshadowed for much of the day.

We feel that there should not be both school and residential use on the first floor of the tower block. Putting a bedroom against the wall of an infants' classroom, and having windows of the two types of use next to each other is going to cause noise problems in both directions.

We feel that the suitability of the site as a primary school has to be called into question in terms of the level of pollution on a site within 50 yards of the Kingsland Rd.


2016/2470 at 107A Mortimer Road N1 4LB. Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of two storey side extension.

We do not object to the proposed extension, but feel that the materials (natural timber cladding with concrete coping, and artificial hedge panel) are inappropriate.


2016/1954 at 5 Printing House Yard E2 7PR. Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Replacement of shop front.

We have no objection, but feel that the application doesn't provide enough detail about the "decorative grid" in order to be able to judge whether it would be appropriate/aesthetically pleasing.


2016/1973 at 5 Printing House Yard E2 7PR. Planning Officer Simon Robert.

Installation of external fascia sign and a projecting hanging sign at ground floor level.

No objection


2016/2324 at 9 Ufton Grove N1 4HG. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension.

We are concerned at the proposed use of UPVC in the new extension. We would also like to question whether the existing windows in the side extension are also UPVC, and whether the applicant has permission for these. UPVC is not generally considered an appropriate material for use in a Conservation Area and the De Beauvoir Conservation Area Design Guide states that UPVC windows are not suitable for the area and will not normally be granted planning permission.

We find the proposed roof over the dining area sits uncomfortably against the proposed replacement orangery, creating an overall untidy effect.


2016/2292 at 54-58 Whitmore Road N1 5QG. Planning Officer Raymond Okot.

Erection of a mansard roof extension.

No objection. There are no other similar period properties in the immediate area, so this does not disturb any existing rooflines. The design is sympathetic, and this is a block application, which should create a coherent result. We do feel however that there should be a condition that the whole mansard roof should be built at the same time, in order to assure this.


Planning Applications for meeting on Monday 15 August 2016


2016/2862 at 5 Buckingham Road N1 4DG. Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Erection of a single storey lower ground floor rear extension, creation of a rear access and stairs at ground floor level, replacement of windows and removal of rear garden ash tree.

We have no objection in principle to this application but we would rather see the proposed timber cladding replaced by brickwork. The combination of so many materials results in a cluttered façade.


2016/2609 at 96 Culford Road N1 4HN. Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of stove flue to rear elevation wall.

No objection to this application but we are disappointed that the flue could not have been fitted through the chimney, always supposing the chimney breasts are still in place.


2016/2731 at 27 Downham Road N1 5AA. Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

External and internal alterations to existing buildings to create a new bicycle storage, restrooms and meter cupboard at ground floor, replacement and installation of new openings on west elevation and installation of 24 solar panels, boiler flue and fan to roof.

No objection


2016/2581 at 232 Kingsland Road E2 8AX. Planning Officer Micheal Garvey.

Erection of additional two storey extension above first floor to provide 2 x 2 studio flats and reconfigure first floor to form 1 x studio flat.

We object to this application. The property is adjacent to the former Haggerston Branch Library at 234-236 and the proposed extra storey will be detrimental to this Grade II listed building. We feel this is a case of overdevelopment.


2016/2530 at 5-6 Lee Street E8 4DY. Planning Officer Gerard Livett.

Conversion of property to provide two self-contained residential units. [Note for consultation: dwelling mix would be 1 x 3-bed and 1 x studio].

We object to this application. The proposed studio has a sleeping area immediately adjacent to the sitting area and then an eight seater cinema room at mezzanine level. This is an incongruous situation. As drawn, the staircase to the upper flat would appear to be open to the studio flat which cannot be considered appropriate. We consider that what is on offer at the ground floor level is substandard accommodation.


2016/2414 at 2A Stamford Road N1 4JT. Planning Officer Toyin Omodara.

Demolition of existing garages and erection of a two storey building and associated works to form a two bedroom self-contained residential dwelling.

We object to this application. We would be pleased to see the removal of the garages, but we feel that the proposed building sits uncomfortably in its surroundings. The building is neither modern nor period and the proportions are just wrong. The twelve over twelve windows are inappropriate in a house of this size and the relationship between the front balcony and the pavement is overbearing.

We consider that the rear of the building should be set back from the boundary line to provide a better aspect for the residents of the existing buildings in Mortimer Road. The short distance between the proposed building and the rear of the houses in Mortimer Road will have a detrimental effect on the latter. If the building at first floor level were to be moved across, the front façade would be all one plane which would be an improvement. This would result in a greater step back at the rear thus further increasing the distance between this building and those in Mortimer Road.

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