Thaxted Court, Murray Grove N1 7QQ

Thaxted Court, Murray Grove N1 7QQ

2013/0957 - 14 May 2013

By James Wright

2013/0957 - Full Planning Permission - Replacement of existing windows and doors with PVCu double glazed windows and doors on all elevations.

FAO: Micheal Garvey

Replacement of windows with uPVC

The installation of uPVC is of continuing concern to the Hackney Society. We support energy improvement of existing buildings but are keen that this is done with care. Our concerns with uPVC are as follows.

1.  Environmentally problematic

uPVC has low biodegradability which means that disposal always has environmental consequences. The construction Industry is currently the largest user of uPVC plastics which, in their production give off highly toxic unwanted by products. uPVC is very difficult to recycle and the chemical process of doing so is also environmentally damaging. Most unwanted uPVC will end up as landfill or be incinerated. In 1998 the UK Government signed a legal agreement to end all discharges of many hazardous chemicals into the environment by 2020. Of the 15 priority chemicals listed 6 are produced in the manufacture of uPVC. Environmentally we believe that it is important that we reduce the use of this material within the borough by looking at alternatives.

2. Architectural sensitivity and good design.

Windows can contribute immeasurably to the character and special interest of a building. Many companies make window systems from composite timber and metal offering slimmer profiles with a lighter aesthetic, improved thermal performance and security. Many Council’s within the UK have banned the use of uPVC windows within conservation areas improving streetscape quality.

3. Maintenance.

uPVC windows are claimed by the industry to last up to 20 years. However it is now known that low quality formulas degrade. It is impossible to repair uPVC windows and difficult to increase the security, repair or replace ironmongery.  Installation of uPVC windows is rarely as low-maintenance as often supposed as testified by the marketing of purpose-made paint for uPVC windows discoloured by UV. Lower long-term costs favour metal and timber windows.

Hackney Society does not support any applications for the use of uPVC within the Borough.


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